About Me

16406551_10101886663932763_6484253402181548243_nFirstly, thank you so much for visiting my blog! Getting students to think and to be able to articulate their thinking has been a goal for almost my entire teaching career. It sounds incredibly easy, but in reality it’s a continuous learning curve depending on the kids you have in your classroom and the cultures that they come from. I wanted to share some of my experiences of strategies that have been successful for me and hope that they can be successful for you too!

I’ve been teaching Chemistry for 7 years and have worked in the UK, China and now Singapore at the wonderful UWCSEA. I’ve presented my work on practical and creative strategies for reflection at workshops around Singapore. I’m also the founder of ChemJungle (IGCSE Chemistry YouTube teaching) and when I’m not working on teaching strategies I can be found on the slow journey to YouTube fame!