Reflection Inception 1/3

At UWCSEA we are having a mega tri-blog-athon over the next three months to focus on a variety of questions that we feel have been on the back-burner for a while but we want to give some attention to. The classic important, but not urgent questions that you rarely get time to think about. For me, the thing that I really want to reflect on is whether my learning logs are really enabling my students to record their reflective thinking effectively (#reflectioninception)

Over the next three months I plan to delve into a few key questions about reflection in my classroom.

  1. What do I really want my students to get from their learning logs?
  2. What do my students think they have learned from their reflection experiences?
  3. Which timings for reflections have been most significant?
  4. How can I improve the protocols for reflection to maximise their significance for students?


3 thoughts on “Reflection Inception 1/3

  1. Patrick Desbarats says:

    Kirstie – I really like your emphasis on reflection. I also like the fact that you have written down four questions that will guide the process. I am wondering (as a non math science person) how you will be able to quantify your findings and gather data about what you find out. As a person who struggles with numbers I will totally understand if your method of data collection is observation.
    By the way – as I sat in your presentation yesterday I was really hoping that you will be my son’s mentor in two years. Is it too early to request?


    • Kirstie says:

      I’m working on creating a googleform that will (hopefully!) yield some insightful results but creating the questions is proving to be difficult because it’s complex questions that I want to know the answers to. I might have to do some interviews next week to get some quotes to back up some of the numbers- but I just don’t want to pressure them into saying anything they don’t mean just to make me happy!
      Hahaha to the mentor request – that’s the highest compliment a teacher can receive!


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